Ooooh the lovely soft and squishy feeling of playdough. Forgotten how nice it was just to squeeze a ball of it between the fingers. Pure stress relief and a direct link back to the inner child that gets buried under a weight of adulthood and responsible behaviour.

The stuff is absolutely fantastic since even when you make a mistake the act of squishing it in frustration soon becomes a fun exercise and it doesn’t take a creative genius to “sculpt” a mini masterpiece 🙂

So after stumbling around the interenet (damn you addictive I found various references to homemade playdough. Something I had a brief flirtation with when my dear darlings were mere toddlers I figured what the hell? Summer hols are looming the weather has been decidedly British and I need something to keep me sane. So after finding another post on making natural dye for playdough it was a case of bring it on.

So here is a sample of what has been achieved so far:

Left to right: raspberry tea, tea, paprika, plain

So far so good 🙂 got away with the “plain” which actually used lemon and ginger tea in an attempt to achieve yellow. Think I will try turmeric for that at a later date. Also the attempt at green usingdried mint failed too. I was persuaded to adhe leaves so now have a rather intersting spotty dough :-O

So think it will be turmeric for yellow and coffee for a deeper brown at some point. Considering trying beetroot and still debating on what kind of leave to use to dry and extract large quantities of chloryphyll. Hedge trimming has yeilded a lot of leaves ut don’t really fancy blitzing them in the ffod processor so think will have to find a recipe for cabbage.