Something Special for Someone Special

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So wanting to take a new direction with my crafting and re-discover some old favourites I decided to embark on a piece of cross stitch.

Having found a book I owned many years ago with some amazing astrological and mystical designs I was showing it to my wonderful BF when I was struck by the symbolism of a particular design not only in terms of the general Zodiac meanings but also how much it “spoke” to me in terms of specific symbolism relevant to us as a couple.

Aside from the fact that my lovely future hubby is a Gemini I have always had a passion for Egyptian mythology and imagery so it seemed rather fitting to make this up. I also loved the vibrancy of the colours and the subtle shading in the faces that seemed to lift the piece away from the canvas and give it more of a 3 dimensional appeal.

Another thing that draws me to this particular image is the reflective quality of the whole Gemini imagery and even more so with the unusual use of Egyptian faces. It seemed to me to be more of a meeting of two very similar people who become a reflective expression of each other rather thatn the traditional mirror image twins association that normally is associated with Gemini.

I think what I especially like about this image is the way the two characters seem to look directly at and into each others eyes in such a connected manner. Something that I find myself extremely comfortable doing with fubby that I have never felt I wanted to do with anyone else.

Also working on this piece has become more significant to me as the pattern starts to emerge on the canvas. What began as a few splodges of bright but seemingly random stitches is slowly transforming into a striking image. And each time I fasten off a thread I am always amazed that the seemingly random and at times messy underside is so neat and uniform when viewed from the other side.

It reminds me each time of a lovely poem someone once gave to me about the threads of our lives look seemingly tangled and messy with odd shots of colour but viewed from above in God’s perspective they create a wonderful tapestry of our lives.

So as I am creating this piece I see similarities to the way our relationship has started out. Seemingly full of random colourful flashes with rather messy and tangled undertones. But when viewed from the right perspective is starting to look like the beginning of something bright and beautiful.

So here is our story so far:

looks interesting doesn’t it? I have a fair idea how it will turn out but you can never be truly sure it will turn out exactly as predicted. Either way though I know both my works are going to turn out to be something special 🙂







Healthy Competition

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Hmmmmm. It would seem that in my locale there is no such terminology in the craft fair community.  Having been turned down for my second craft fair stall application I am begining to feel like I am applying for a job. Ok so the first email asking if there were any spaces available for me was greeted with a prompt and polite sorry we are full. Fair enough thought I since i had stumbled on it rahter late in the day and was prepared for that possibility.

The second request for a booking form sent out nearly 4 days ago was meet with a “sorry we already have someone selling similar items but I will keep you in mind for future events”

I guess I must be completely missing the point here but I didn’t believe I was asking for my work to be pre-judged before the consumers saw it. I also merely stated that the majority of my work is knitted and crocheted. I wonder if this person even bothered to click the link to my website to see exactly the type of thing I make. Or more likely presumed what knit/crochet means.

Sorry but there is a vast array of items that are hand knitted and crocheted and I know of a fair few on FB alone that have pages. To this end I have seen only one who comes close to making anything similar to me and even then they are sticking to a narrow market whereas I aim to be somewhat more eclectic.

So, does being “kept in mind for future events” mean that should whoever decide not to do another craft fair I get to take my knit/crochet items? Or I am basically politely being told my services are not required? Sorry, since it was a charity event and I would be paying for the stall, I (apparently wrongly) believed that they would only be turning people away if they had no more room.

I would have thought that a little healthy competition hurt no one. The number of craft fairs that I have been to that had several stalls selling similar items made me appreciative not only of the item but the relevant skill the different vendors put into them. And admittedly, though I would have been a little put out to find someone selling very similar items to me, I think it would have done us both good as business people to see how each other operated and the quality of workmanship.

And I’m certain it would have given the consumer a better choice also.

Oh well, if that i show they wish to run their fair that is entirely up to them. At least I know that when I organised a charity craft fair I gave everybody the same chance as best I could and made sure I checked out the seller and what they made to give both seller and buyer the best from the day.

So I guess it just gives me more time to concentrate on my craft work and encourage me to believe that it is the right direction to move into new areas.

500 Likes Competition


As a thankyou to all those who have liked my ElegantCraft Facebook Page I thought I would run a little competition.

FIRST PRIZE: Your choice from the Bear selection



SECOND PRIZE: 2 x £5 voucher towards full or part payment of any item from ElegantCraft

So to be in with a chance of winning simply post the answer to the question in the comments box below with your email contact details.

Angorra wool is derived from which animal?

a) Sheep

b) Rabbit

c) Goat


Closing date is October 23rd

Winners will be chosen at random using and notified via the contact email given. Names of winners will also be posted on Facebook.

Pocket Dragons have hatched

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Adorable cute litle dragons in need of a good home. These sweet creatures would make the perfect pet for any home. Why?

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