Something Special for Someone Special

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So wanting to take a new direction with my crafting and re-discover some old favourites I decided to embark on a piece of cross stitch.

Having found a book I owned many years ago with some amazing astrological and mystical designs I was showing it to my wonderful BF when I was struck by the symbolism of a particular design not only in terms of the general Zodiac meanings but also how much it “spoke” to me in terms of specific symbolism relevant to us as a couple.

Aside from the fact that my lovely future hubby is a Gemini I have always had a passion for Egyptian mythology and imagery so it seemed rather fitting to make this up. I also loved the vibrancy of the colours and the subtle shading in the faces that seemed to lift the piece away from the canvas and give it more of a 3 dimensional appeal.

Another thing that draws me to this particular image is the reflective quality of the whole Gemini imagery and even more so with the unusual use of Egyptian faces. It seemed to me to be more of a meeting of two very similar people who become a reflective expression of each other rather thatn the traditional mirror image twins association that normally is associated with Gemini.

I think what I especially like about this image is the way the two characters seem to look directly at and into each others eyes in such a connected manner. Something that I find myself extremely comfortable doing with fubby that I have never felt I wanted to do with anyone else.

Also working on this piece has become more significant to me as the pattern starts to emerge on the canvas. What began as a few splodges of bright but seemingly random stitches is slowly transforming into a striking image. And each time I fasten off a thread I am always amazed that the seemingly random and at times messy underside is so neat and uniform when viewed from the other side.

It reminds me each time of a lovely poem someone once gave to me about the threads of our lives look seemingly tangled and messy with odd shots of colour but viewed from above in God’s perspective they create a wonderful tapestry of our lives.

So as I am creating this piece I see similarities to the way our relationship has started out. Seemingly full of random colourful flashes with rather messy and tangled undertones. But when viewed from the right perspective is starting to look like the beginning of something bright and beautiful.

So here is our story so far:

looks interesting doesn’t it? I have a fair idea how it will turn out but you can never be truly sure it will turn out exactly as predicted. Either way though I know both my works are going to turn out to be something special 🙂







Networking Dah-ling

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Ok so haven’t been blogging for a bit and of course I have the usual tried and trusted “excuses” to hand: busy crafting, half term with kids, Bank Holiday break etc. The truth of the matter is I have been sucked into the electronic black hole that lurks at the outer rim of the interne Just like those hideous, sharp toothed angler fish you are ensnared by the attractive andtrangely attractive lure before being engulfed by a gaping maw.

So, what could this lure be that is so dangerously inviting? Like mermaids of old, networking looks attractive, simple and an ideal business promotion tool. Which indeed it is. Yet just as the sirens song dulled the senses of hapless sailors as they mindlessly allowed themselves to drift onto jagged rocks, so then does the internet weave it’s magic until you are snared in an electronic net either desperately struggling to free yourself from the monitor or rathslightly dazed at the fact your 2 minute Facebook update check has become a 3 hour computer session.

Naturally, networking is an important business tool and the ease of the internet allows you to connect with a much wider audience and (hopefully) potential customers.  Not only does it give you an unlimited platform upon which to showcase your work but it also gives potential buyers the opportunity to interact with the seller and get a feel for the creativity behind the design making the whole shopping experience much more personal and invigorating.

Since the internet is awash with advice, hints and tips on promoting and networking, that’s where I have been. Blindly thrashing around in an electronic net fruitlessly searching for escape.

Yet not all is doom and gloom for I am aslo networking right now. For now you know more about me and as a reward for your patience in reaching the end of my latest contribution I direct you to my latest networking venture

Simply click on the link and you can find everything you need to know to find out all about the world of ElegantCraft via a variety of electronic mediums.